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Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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The First Lady of Circuit Fierceness RESETS her red-hot schedule for some extraordinary upcoming appearances
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11/27/2012 14:03:10

Well, my little sweet pieces of lusciousness, the time has come for me to prepare. Prepare you ask? For what you say? Momma is taking her happy ass to where I can really enjoy the sun for the holidays, and maybe even get a little construction work done. Rio, Baby, Rio! Packing the Sofonda One 787 Dreamliner is tough, my beautiful Circuiteers, tough! But why not go to Copa Cabana and watch the boys, beach and bitches have a good time? Seriously at my ripe age of thirty- (something) it is time to start planning construction and like my dear iconic friend Cher once said - "If I could turn back time".  Really if I had her ass cheeks, body and talent then time would turn back on itself.  But until then it's going to be RIO baby. So it looks like it is going to be beaches, boys and Botox for this hot, redheaded, bitchy and busty beauty!

Time to get CRACKIN' children.  November 2012 lends itself to a RESET.  Really I never understand why people go back and try to do over the moments in time that worked then. Be prepared, the annual White Party Week in Miami has morphed itself again. I was hoping when I saw promotions for White Party - RESET that I would have my white leather-clad, muscled God-like, deep tanned and hot hot hot men pulling my glass cooch into Vizcaya once again. If we must reset I guess going back to Miami will do since last year we had the amazing talents of my hot favs and now, well, we'll RESET.  So let Momma call upon the fierceness of Maria Contessa at the exclusive ZOO 14 in Lauderdale to make this busty, bitchy beauty Hot Hot Hot!  I know I am going to heat up the night on Saturday for my Tribal boy DJ / Producer extraordinaire Paulo. He gives me urges that cause sensations in spaces that I never thought possible. So that coupled with everyone's Party Dive DJ Show mixtress sensation Power Infiniti giving you shows, Lasers by det. Laseronics and a blank canvas of SoHo Studios to do it in makes me think of the amazing Barack Obama going forward and not resetting...Call it what you will but FIERCE IS FIERCE wherever it is my loves.

Who's going to meet me at Mardi Gras in New Orleans? I am returning to NOLA, especially after my trip for Halloween at OZ.  OH THAT MAN! (whose name we will not say for we do not want to draw his attention away from his spectacular return as the King of Late Night Circuit and to an event production warranted for the need of my American Queendom in a land not so far, far away called Orlando. There, my realm is vast and my rule uses a scepter similar to the Roman Catholic Queen that wields that scepter in her lame, velour and jeweled cape, except I am prettier....)

With the year's plans over and new plans on the horizon it's time to dance! Plan your trip and get your tickets for the 8th annual JustCircuit Awards Gala that will be part of the Winter Music Conference in Miami. OK. If you want to finally meet me, then you better nominate me and vote! All my besties have already had the honor. Seriously, Momma Fierce wants that crystal trophy with her name on it. VOTE! VOTE for ME, damn it!  Thank the stars that this year we do not have to choose between comedy and tragedy...

Thank the stars this year we don't have to choose between Mardi Gras, Carnivale, Winter Music Conference or Ultra.  The forces of Mother Circuit have thrown her Roman-like scepter and called that delish Avicii for help.  Like lightening from Zeus, I had two sets of tickets for both weekends. So now, what do I do?  Two of everything!  Double, double, Baby.  So let's see those two sets of men for Momma, two over the top sets of luggage to carry my supplies, which keep me hot to the touch, fierce to the eyes and amazing like only I am.

Hey my big boys, I need to get things together for my hot Rio nights.  I'm planning to be there from X-mas through the whole US opening of serious winter weather.  I mean, am I supposed to show off my tan if the men that are carting this fierce bitch around are darker than my natural red roots.  I need to work that sun harder than pounding a man deep into my hot....There I go again reliving last night for you.  I need to stop that like an empty bumper from turning up on a dance floor. All of that is just not fair to you precious ones.

So until I see you again, Tata for now.  Happy Holidays to you and yours from me and mine.  Remember, it's always mine...

Love and gooey kisses to you all,

Topic is locked

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